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Nouvall Engineering Services is specialized in project support for the (petro) chemical and maritime industry. We provide expertise in the field of Engineering, Project Management, Maintenance, Shutdowns, Construction and Safety.

Functie omschrijving

• Maintain coördination with other discipline supervisors/superintendent working in the area to coördinate all the activities and manage related interferences.
• Organize their own activities in close collaboration with the line Construction Manager/Civil superintendent, keeping track of the activities carried out through work files, guaranteeing continuity even in the event of absence through sharing of information and teamwork.
• Make sure that materials used in construction are in accordance with project technical documents and applicable codes and specifications and stocks are sufficient to keep up with work's schedule.
• Check the efficient productivity of Subcontractors activities with regards to the quality and quantity (jointly with Project Control).
• Make sure that all the assigned activities are carried out on time, otherwise check deficiency and refer to Construction Manager to promptly define and implement corrective actions that allow compliance with the schedule.
• Verify and discuss with Construction Manager/Civil superintendent and Field Project Engineer modification or any difference raised on the activity relevant to previous and following points and coöperate with them to issue Sketches Layout (SKL) for the relevant modification, when works must be executed in different way as indicated on drawings.
• Propose any improvement solution that arises during the execution of the works and support the Field Project Engineer in answering to Subcontractor’s site queries.
• Record any modification after approval and, in cooperation with Construction Manager/Civil superintendent, inform Subcontract Administrator for contractual changing.
• Prepare and fill the Request of Work Execution (R.W.E.) form for any extra work not included in the contract or for field modification, for further approval by other functions, before the execution of the work itself, as per procedure by Subcontracting Department.
• Check that Subcontractor is working on the base of last edition of all drawings and other technical documents (jointly with Construction QC Inspector - Civil).
• Check by the "Manpower presence report" the quantity of Subcontractor's manpower present on site (jointly with Subcontracting Management).
• Check, sign and collect all Subcontractor Time Sheets when the work is reimbursed on hourly basis.
• Prepare/check Subcontractor's monthly/weekly progress of work and transmit relevant data to Project Control.
• Ensure in advance that no hold can occur for Subcontractors work due to lack of needed engineering documents and materials or work area accessibility to avoid Subcontractor claims (jointly with Project Control and Field Engineer).
• Prepare and issue to Subcontractor the Construction and Final Punch Lists and follow up the completion of relevant outstanding works.
• Check Subcontractor field surveying, establish with Subcontractor reference benchmarks for elevation and alignment needed as per scope of works and check their correct execution.
• Make sure that Subcontractors follow the provisions of the approved ITP and the inspections are called timely and in according to the procedure established for the project.
• Always ensure collaboration and support to QC Inspector colleagues during the execution of the related inspections.
• Identify possible non-Conformities according to the Quality Assurance System Procedure and suggest the related Corrective Action.

Wij vragen

• Have solid background of civil and structural disciplines.
• Have a minimum of 5 years of experience as Civil Supervisor at construction sites.
• You are in possession of a VOL/VCA diploma.

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